Skully vs Craniac: Traxxas Monster Truck Beast Battle

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Skully vs Craniac : Traxxas Monster Truck Beast Battle

Uncage The Monsters
Taking a first look at the Traxxas Skully vs Craniac, both vehicles are the complete package out of the box. The only additional items you need are a few AA batteries for the Transmitters. Both RC Cars include a Traxxas Power Cell 7 Cell NiMH Battery along with the Traxxas 4-amp DC Peak Detecting Fast Charger! The batteries charge fairly quickly (only takes about an hour or so). However, in order to charge them in your home you will need the AC to DC adapter, otherwise you’ll just need to charge the batteries using your car’s DC plug. You’ll also find in the box a well laid out manual (I suggest you read through) with a quick start guide. Also, Traxxas takes it a step further and includes some spare parts and a really cool sticker pack. I will say the Skully sticker pack is definitely cooler. For this review, we are riding a blue Traxxas Skully and a brown Traxxas Craniac. Let’s just say the graphics on these RC trucks are awesome!

Charged Up & Ready To Rip
Alright, our batteries are charged, snapped in, cars are turned on…time to ripit! These are really fun to drive and let’s be honest, they just look so cool. The acceleration on both cars is great, expect the unexpected wheelie when hitting the acceleration at full throttle. The Traxxas Craniac seems to handle a little bit better, as it takes corners sharper and generally hugs the ground a bit more than the Traxxas Skully. They are both fast and fun, but we found that the Traxxas Skully typically beats the Traxxas Craniac in a straight on Skully vs Craniac drag race. The main difference between the two is the shape of the shell. The Skully has a taller shell than the Craniac. With that being said, the Skully was more prone to “rollovers” when taking sharp corners at high speeds. Both vehicles drive best on gravel, short grass and other similar terrains, but can handle a quick skim through a puddle or mud – they are equipped with waterproof electronics!

It’s A Draw
It wouldn’t be fair to award one over the other. We had such a blast driving both of these vehicles. They each have a ton of strengths and provide loads of fun. We highly recommend the Traxxas Craniac and/or the Traxxas Skully to anyone that wants a seriously awesome and wicked fun RC Monster Truck that can do a bit of everything, and at an affordable price. Ripit RC carries both vehicles for $199.95 each. We also have a Zero Down Financing Option with payments as low as $25/month.

Click here for more info or to order the Traxxas Skully.

Click for more info or to order the Traxxas Craniac.

Get out and have some fun!
Ripit RC


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