Traxxas XMaxx 8S Review

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Traxxas XMaxx 8S Review


 Traxxas XMaxx 8S Review: The XMaxx 8S… Just how awesome is it?


When we heard that Traxxas was going to release an 8S version of the XMaxx we didn’t know what to expect. The 6S was already an absolute beast out of the box. To be honest, we weren’t sure if the body and frame would even be able to handle 8S power. We were in for quite a surprise… Take a look at our Traxxas XMaxx 8S Review!


The Day It Arrived…

Traxxas XMaxx 8S review

We unboxed the Traxxas XMaxx 8S and much to our liking the shell and frame were the same size…GIANT! The color scheme has been updated, the graphics really pop now! Not only is the Traxxas XMaxx 8S a powerhouse, it looks damn good. Also, there’s a bonus… Traxxas have included the addition of a wheelie bar. With the insane power of the Traxxas XMaxx 8S the wheelie bar keeps your wheels on the ground. Unless of course you’re hitting jumps!


No Guts, No Glory…

Traxxas XMaxx 8S

A quick inside look of the Traxxas XMaxx 8S shows the real big changes and upgrades that Traxxas made. Let’s talk about the motor. Equipped with a Velineon 1200XL, now with a twin motor fan to keep the vehicle moving fast and running cool. Just in case it heats up too much (let’s be honest, we all like to see how hard we can push our RC cars) there is a thermal shut off in place. The motor is paired with the all new Velineon VXL-8s 8S LiPo compatible Electronic Speed Control Unit (ESC). Everything you need to take on the 8S power and Ripit (no pun intended) at 50+ MPH!


Let’s Ride!

Now for the moment we’ve been waiting for. It’s time to drive! Our dual 4S batteries are charged up, snapped in and we’re ready to go. Right off the bat, insane acceleration, insane power. My XMaxx 8S was across the yard in seconds and I’ve got a big yard. The handling is quite good considering its high off road speeds. Donuts, no problem. Wheelies, no problem. Takes the jumps like a champ, climbs hills and skims through mud and water with ease. I did flip it a couple times, but that’s to be expected cutting the wheel at high speeds like a newb! Landed right side up every time anyways. If you’re wondering if an RC Car can really be so powerful, just watch the video at the top. That’s my 5 year old son riding on it! Oh, and I clocked a top speed of 53 MPH…. and we’re just getting warmed up.


To wrap up the Traxxas XMaxx 8S Review Ripit RC gives the Traxxas XMaxx 8S two thumbs up! This is a serious RC Monster Truck, it’s more than just a toy. Take advantage of our EASY to use RC Car Financing Option with ZERO DOWN and Payments as low as $25/month.


Get out and ride!

Ripit RC

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