RIPIT RC 5 Things To Know for RC Newbies!

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RIPIT RC 5 Things To Know for RC Newbies! Traxxas RC


Ripit RC is happy to welcome you to the world of RC Cars and Trucks! You are entering a hobby that will provide you a lifetime of fun and excitement. There is so much to learn about RC’s, with several types of vehicles and different kinds of drivers. It’s really exciting to find where this action-packed hobby can lead you. Like any hobby, the main reason for doing it is to have fun! We here at Ripit RC want to give a little bit of insight to those of you interested or just getting into the world of RC Cars and Trucks. We have compiled a list of the 5 Things To Know for RC Newbies. Check it out and be sure to let us know if you have any additional questions about any of the vehicles we sell.



New RC drivers should be sure to purchase RTR (Ready To Race/Run) vehicles. You’re new to this hobby, having fun right off the bat is key! RTR vehicles come fully assembled with a transmitter, and often times with batteries and a charger with no assembly required (that’ll come later down the road). Traxxas RC vehicles are almost all RTR. They are high quality, easy to use and come in a variety of models from beginner to expert. We are very confident in Traxxas RC vehicles as we have chosen to exclusively sell them over all other available brands.

There are so many types, makes and models of RC Cars and Trucks, it’s enough to make your head spin! Don’t let it. Start by asking yourself, “what kind of driving am I looking to do?” Street Cars are obviously for riding on pavement and hard surface tracks. Rally Cars handle a bit of both. Monster Trucks and Stadium Trucks are the kings of off-road fun, while Buggies are quite versatile on a variety of terrains. Do a little bit of research and compare it to where and how you want to ride. This will ensure you get the most fun out of the vehicle you select.



Your new Traxxas RC vehicle just came in the mail… You tear it out of the box, throw the battery in and nothing happens?!?! SLOW DOWN (we don’t say that too often). Before you ride there are a few things you need to take care of. For starters you need to charge your battery. Several of the RTR Traxxas RC vehicles come with a DC charger. Before you ride, you’ll need to charge your battery. We do recommend getting the AC to DC Adapter, or upgrading to an EZ Peak Charger. Either way, it is very important for you to make sure you are charging your battery to the correct setting on your charger. Read your charger instructions and do not leave your charging battery unattended – this is extremely important and can be very dangerous if not done properly.



Alright, while your battery is charging it’s a good time to Read The Manual! We know reading manuals doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun, but trust us when we say your manual is full of extremely useful information about your Traxxas RC vehicle, do’s and don’ts of operating your vehicle, trouble-shooting guides and much, much more. We can’t stress enough that you read over your manual. They are laid out well, easy to read and often times come with some goodies, like stickers!



The more you ride, the better you’ll get at maneuvering, jumping, drifting, climbing and bashing. When getting started, we suggest you be extra cautious of your surroundings, such as fast running water (wouldn’t want that river to sweep your new purchase away), extremely high cliffs, bridges, etc. Rip your new vehicle around in a familiar area with good visibility. As your skill level grows, so can your terrain.

If you are hitting up a track for the first time, be sure to take a moment and observe. We’ve seen too often a newcomer set their new vehicle on the track, turn their backs to head up to the deck and another vehicle comes along at full speed and smashing into it at full force. Most tracks will have a designated entry way, look out for it, or ask for assistance if you aren’t sure.



Traxxas RC vehicles are tough. However durable, it’s good practice to clean your vehicle of dirt, debris, mud or whatever you may have just ripped through on your most recent ride. Traxxas RC vehicles are equipped with waterproof electronics, but it’s still wise to let any trapped water drain out and dry in a well ventilated area. Check your hardware from time to time so you can make sure nuts, screws and bolts are tightened just past snug (be careful not to over tighten as you could strip your heads or holes). Check for any broken pieces or potential hazards.


We hope you enjoyed our 5 Things To Know For RC Newbies. Have fun with your new Traxxas RC vehicle. The RC community is full of excitement, news and resources. If you are ready to make a purchase be sure to take advantage of our Zero Down RC Financing Option with payments as low as $25/month.


Enjoy The Ride!

Ripit RC

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