Brushed Vs Brushless

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Brushed Vs Brushless Motors

The motor in your RC vehicle is the powerhouse, the lifeline, the heartbeat. As you’ve been browsing for your very own RC Vehicle, you’ve probably noticed the words “Brushed” and “Brushless.” Wondering what’s the difference? Does it even matter? Ripit RC is here to give you a broken down and a simplified look at Brushed Vs Brushless Motors, along with some of their pros and their cons. Ripit RC will try to help you make the best choice in order to get the most out of your RC vehicle.


Brushed RC Motors

To cut right to the chase, Brushed Motors are considered to be a “baseline motor.” Don’t let this fool you! Brushed motors can pack a ton of punch, speed and durability, but they are second to brushless motors. Many Traxxas vehicles come RTR with Brushed Motors and have the ability to easily upgrade to Brushless when/if you are ready.


Brushed Motor Pros

  • Simple Construction & Operation
  • Operates well in extreme environments
  • Lower Cost


Brushed Motor Cons

  • Lower Speed Range (Brushed Motors have mechanical limitations)
  • High speeds increase the friction of the brushes, therefore reducing needed torque
  • Poor cooling (more chance of overheating during heavy use)


Brushless RC Motors

Brushless Motors are like the bigger, stronger, smarter brother to Brushed Motors. Brushless Motors have a more complex design than Brushed Motors. Brushless Motors provide more power, longer running times, and operate with a high level of efficiency. They are built with a lot more electronics and engineering than Brushed Motors require. This results in a much higher cost, but is well worth it for the advancing RC enthusiast.


Brushless Motor Pros

  • High speed range
  • Speed/Torque is stable – Meaning you’ll still have plenty of torque at high speeds
  • Low Maintenance – There are no “brushes” rubbing together and wearing out


Brushless Motor Cons

  • More expensive
  • Complex design


We hope this article helped give you some insight on Brushed Vs Brushless Motors. It’s hard for us to recommend one over the other. As with a lot of aspects of this hobby, the decision and factors are very dependant on the user’s experience and skill level. Lucky for you our Traxxas RC vehicles have got you covered wherever your hobby takes you. If you are a technical person and really want to get into the nitty gritty details of Brushed Vs Brushless Motors, there are a lot of resources out there for technical details on the two. A great place to start is on the Traxxas website.


Enjoy The Ride!

Ripit RC

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