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Drive Now Pay Later With Our New Traxxas RC Financing Options


Hey RC Fans! Great news… We have some new Traxxas RC Financing Options. It’s now easier than ever to get the Traxxas RC vehicle you’d like without breaking your wallet. A good RC car isn’t cheap, and cheap RC cars aren’t any good. As a Traxxas dealer we take great pride in the outstanding overall quality that Traxxas delivers in each and everyone of the RC vehicles they manufacture. Ripit RC is here to offer you the absolute best price on your Traxxas RC vehicle purchase… and now we’ve taken it even a step forward with some great and flexible Traxxas RC Financing Options. We even have plans with interest rates as low as 0%. In addition we have 12 and 24 month plans at competitive APR interest rates. Another bonus is that you can pay your purchase off in full at anytime with no penalty. Please review this step by step video below to see just how easy it is to use our Drive Now Pay Later Traxxas RC Financing Option. For even more additional information please head over to our Drive Now Pay Later page.




Ripit RC


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