Traxxas LaTrax Alias Drone – Why it’s great for both beginners and experts!

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Traxxas LaTrax Alias Drone Review


Traxxas LaTrax Alias Drone – Why it’s great for both beginners and experts

Operating a drone for the very first time might be a little intimidating for some. Simply because you don’t want to crash the craft into ground. The Traxxas LaTrax Alias Drone keeps a beginner drone pilot’s user-experience in mind by designing a high-tech, lightweight frame making it virtually unbreakable. I saw someone fly this drone straight into the trunk of a tree and get immediately back up into flight! Traxxas also gave this Alias Drone 50% more power than standard drone motors, which promotes quick flight maneuvering and is ultra-responsive to your commands. It’s rotors even have an elevated-design so you can land in a grassy area with ease.


Three Flight Modes
The transmitter resembles a game-style controller that’s easy to use and control. You can program your own custom settings to your liking and change to different flight modes on the fly (no pun intended!)


Beginner Mode
The transmitter has a “beginner mode” which is great because the drone will operate on a self-leveling system, making it easy to start flying right away. You can throw this drone into the air, give it some throttle and take flight! Since this option is strictly a beginner mode, you won’t be able to attempt any “air-flips.”


Expert Mode
The self-leveling system in the “expert mode” is turned off here so you need to know what you’re doing in this mode. You can really do some amazing aerobatics in the mode with fast flips and rolls!


Fast Mode
Another option called “fast mode” allows you to start ripping some more automated flips in the air and lightning speeds. Dart around trees and other obstacles in your path!

Traxxas also gives us another option while flying your Traxxas LaTrax Alias Drone called “One Touch Recovery.” Let’s say you’re flying in “expert mode” and you’re about to crash…simply switch on the “One Touch Recovery” option and your Alias drone with self-recover and level itself out automatically.


Flying In Style
The Traxxas LaTrax Alias Drone comes is 4 sweet colors – Red, Blue, Orange and Green. The drone’s lights allow you to easily follow your craft as maneuvers through the air. The flying fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down! Fly your drone at night with ease. The LaTrax Alias’ sleek design is constructed with lightweight materials, allowing you to hover in the air, glide through the sky or race around objects. This drone has a lot to offer and at a low cost. It includes a 650mAh LiPo flight battery, a high-output USB fast charger, and four AAA batteries for the transmitter. The Traxxas LaTrax Alias Drone is literally ready-to-fly straight out of the box!

We hope you enjoyed this Ripit Review of the Traxxas LaTrax Alias Drone. Check out our Drive Now Pay Later option and get flying even faster!

– Ripit RC

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