NITRO RC – A Beginners Guide To Getting Started

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NITRO RC – A Beginners Guide To Getting Started

Thinking of going Nitro? Ripit RC offers a few tips of the trade and information to get you started with a Nitro RC Car…




NITRO FUEL – If you haven’t guessed already, Nitro RC Cars run on Nitro Fuel. Using the wrong fuel for your Nitro RC Car can cause “hard starting” (difficulty starting your engine) and low engine performance. We highly recommend Traxxas Nitro Top Fuel because its ingredients include both castor and synthetic oil, which provides high-temperature lubrication for your engine.

You can purchase Traxxas Nitro Top Fuel from Ripit RC here:



A glow plug igniter is used to start your Nitro RC Car engine. Basically, the glow plug igniter heats the glow plug, igniting the engine’s fuel-air mixture to begin internal combustion. Once your Nitro RC Car engine starts up, you’ll need to remove the glow igniter. Some Nitro RC models are equipped with an EZ-Start®, so you won’t need a glow plug igniter because it’s built in.

Some of our models that include the EZ-Start® is the Traxxas Nitro Slash, Traxxas TMaxx Classic, Traxxas Slayer Pro 4×4, Traxxas Nitro Sport, Traxxas Jato 3.3 RC Stadium Truck, Traxxas Nitro Rustler, and the Traxxas Revo 3.3 RC Nitro Monster Truck.



Nitro RC vehicles have a “pull start” engine, similar to how you would start a lawnmower. BUT you do not have to put the amount of power into starting a Nitro RC Car as you would a lawnmower! A pull start cord on a Nitro RC vehicle is usually about ten inches long, so over-pulling or over-extending the cord can damage the internal springs or pull start itself. Pull Start Nitro RC Cars are made to be user-friendly, so give your pull start cord a couple rapid pulls of ten inches or less and you’ll soon be listen to your engine roar.



When you start a brand new Nitro RC Car, it’s recommended that you “warm up” the engine and let it idle for a bit. Break in your Nitro RC Car’s engine by giving it a test run and ride it around on low throttle. Next, stop the car and turn off the engine to let it cool. Start your Nitro RC Car back up, let the engine idle, and then ride around on about half-throttle. Repeat this idle and cool-down process to build up to riding around on full throttle. After about 5 tanks of gas you are fully ready to rip!



Want to achieve a longer engine life and continued high-performance from your Nitro RC Car? Then you need to clean your engine’s air filter regularly! It’s common that engine air filters become blocked with dirt, which can limit air flow.

Ripit RC recommends cleaning and oiling the air filter every hour of operation.


Nitro RC Cars do need more mechanical attention then battery powered vehicles. So we asked Nitro RC Car owners why they prefer Nitro? The most popular response: the sound of the engine. And we agree. There’s something about hearing that Nitro engine rev up and purr, even if it requires a little extra work and time into the vehicle.


We hope you enjoyed this intro into Nitro RC Cars. Ripit RC offers EASY FINANCING on all RC Vehicles so you can get riding faster!


Enjoy the ride,

Ripit RC

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