Short Course Truck Action!

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Short Course RC Trucks – What’s All The Craze?

One of the fastest growing racing segments in the RC world belongs to Short Course RC Trucks.

These RC vehicles can bash like the best of them, with extensive bumper protection and full-sized fenders, making them extremely fun to race. Short Course RC Trucks are beasts with the ability to defy large jumps, top speeds and truck-to-truck combat. The fact that most of these RC vehicles are scaled-down replicas of their full-sized, top-racing counterparts makes Short Course RC Truck racing even more exhilarating!


Short Course RC Trucks Characteristics

Comparing Short Course RC Trucks to Buggies and Stadium Trucks, we can notice some definite differences. For starters, Short Course RC Trucks have a lower threshold which gives this type of RC Vehicle a bit of trouble when driving on high grass or loose gravel. This RC Vehicle really excels on dirt and/or payment. Short Course Trucks have smaller wheels with a fully-encased bumper which protects the tires, making them fun to bash and less likely to flip. Short Course RC Trucks come is a variety of classes, such as 2WD, 4WD, Nitro, Brushed and Brushless. So whatever your preference, there’s a Short Course RC Truck or you!


To Race Or To Bash?

Short Course RC Trucks are fully equipped for racing and bashing. Their wide tires and low center gravity bodies allow these RC vehicles to really excel on paved and dirt courses. But when there’s high-speed racing, there will be bashing. Short Course RC Trucks don’t have any trouble in this category. Their full-bodied bumpers allow fender-to-fender combat…when and if necessary (which it always is).


Gotta Love Those Replicas

Manufacturers have teamed up and thrown themselves into the RC world by creating some awesome Short Course RC Truck replicas. A particular replica category we really like is the Traxxas Slash Editions, which are inspired from the TORC (The Off Road Championship Series) race truck. These RC Vehicles range from Nitro to Brushless and beyond, and the likeness to it’s full-bodied counterpart ain’t too shabby. These award-winning RC Trucks put you right in the driver’s seat with high action, full-throttle speeds and air-absorbing jumps.


We hoped you enjoyed this Ripit Review for Short Course RC Trucks. Ripit RC offers EASY FINANCING if you’re looking to expand your RC collection or start your venture into the RC World.

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