Traxxas Spartan Racing Boat Review

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Traxxas Spartan Racing Boat – Inside & Out Review


Ready for a relaxing day wading in the lake? Sorry, but not today! The ready-to-run Traxxas Spartan Racing Boat is here to disrupt all stillwater in its path. We’d like to explore what makes this speed demon tick, inside and out. So let’s get into it!  



Checking out the exterior of the Traxxas Spartan Racing Boat, we can tell right away this is from Traxxas, simply because no detail has been spared. This boat measures 36” in length with a deep, sleek V-hull. The high-action, fast-paced graphics are pretty sweet, and is currently available in either red or blue. This thing looks more like a torpedo when it takes off! The Traxxas Spartan Racing Boat has some good weight to it, keeping it settled in the water nicely but doesn’t hinder it from accelerating quickly. The top canopy can be unlatched revealing the motor (we’ll get more into that later). The canopy itself does not seal completely, so if you flip the boat it will take on some water. However, the entire front of the boat is filled with foam so if you do flip it, the boat will float.



The Traxxas Spartan Racing Boat is built ready-to-run. Just switch this speed boat on and ride… and when this thing gets going, it goes fast! You can reach speeds over 50MPH out-of-the-box. It comes equipped with a Velineon brushless motor system with water-cooling lines. The water-cooling system has a pickup on the rudder, which runs the lines through the ESC and motor. The water is dispersed from an ejection port on the side of the boat. The motor itself connects to a flexible drive shaft which runs down a tube and connects to the propeller. Full control is made possible with a high-torque steering servo which connects to the rudder. The receiver box, servo, ESC, motor, you name it – it’s all waterproof.



You gotta love watching this thing kick up the water behind it. This boat has some serious 6S LiPo power! You can easily fly this craft across the water at +50 MPH. We would recommend keeping an eye on this boat and don’t let it get away from you. You probably will damage what you accidently run into more than the boat itself! It’s equipped with an advanced ready-to-race Traxxas® TQi™ radio system with a high-range 2.4 GHz signal.


The Traxxas Spartan Racing Boat is truly an amazing machine. Its sleek, modern design combined with its brushless power makes this boat look pretty dang good shooting across the water. As always, you can take advantage of our EASY FINANCING!


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