Monster Trucks Vs. Stadium Trucks

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RC Monster Trucks Vs. RC Stadium Trucks

Interested in a Monster Truck or Stadium Truck? Not sure which one to go with? We’d like to breakdown the pros and cons of both. RC Monster Trucks and RC Stadium Trucks belong in the same category in the RC world, but each has it’s own advantages depending on the type of driver you are. Let’s get into it!



If you’re looking for out-of-the-box speed in RC Stadium Trucks we would recommend the Traxxas Rustler VXL. This puppy can generate some serious acceleration, clocking in at over 60 MPH. This particular Stadium Truck is packed with a Velineon Brushless Power System, allowing enhanced speeds and precision throttle.

Got a fever for more speed in a RC Stadium Truck? We would prescribe the Traxxas Jato 3.3 RC Nitro. Give this beast some nitro fuel and experience some high-powered velocity. But we will be honest – these RC Stadium Trucks are for advanced drivers with a 5 skill level rating, speeding over 65 MPH!

If you’re in search for RC Monster Trucks with out-of-the-box speed, we’d have to go with the Traxxas XMaxx 8S. This RC Truck can clock-in at over 50 MPH without any modifications. The Traxxas XMaxx 8S is a massive 1/5 scale RC Monster Truck, with too many incredible features to list! See it here.

Another RC Monster Truck with some serious noteworthy speed is the Traxxas Stampede VXL. These RC Monster Trucks can accelerate over 65 MPH, making it one heck of a monster mother-trucker. The Stampede VXL comes equipped with a Traxxas Stability Management system (TSM), allowing straight ahead full-throttle velocity on a variety of surfaces.



RC Stadium Trucks handle best on race tracks and roads simply because of their lower ground clearance. Stadium Trucks exceed in the “jump” category while racing. These RC Trucks can accomplish some pretty awesome, high-flying jumps during a race because they weigh less than Monster Trucks.

RC Monster Trucks have a higher ground-clearance and can go just about anywhere – creek beds, gravel roads, grass, ravines, etc. RC Monster Trucks are known to roll more frequently than RC Stadium Trucks, but they are extremely durable. When it comes to bashing, RC Stadium Trucks can take quite a beating but RC Monster Trucks win in this category overall.

In the end, it really depends on what you want your RC Truck to do. We would say if you’re planning to race at high speeds with some killer jumps – go with a Stadium Truck. If you’re planning to do some off-road RC bashing – go with a Monster Truck. We have noticed that RC Newbies tend to go with Monster Trucks because of the versatility and resilience. Makes sense to us! Either way, have fun and enjoy the ride.


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