TAKE IT TO THE STREETS! Traxxas RC Street Cars

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Traxxas RC Street Cars are the most authentic and faithful models out there to the real thing. They capture the speed, look, and stability you would want out of your own street car. No worries though, RipIt RC has collected some of the best RC Street Cars out there to help build up your street cred!


Traxxas Ford GT – Looks So Good, You’ll Want To Buy It Dinner

The Traxxas Ford GT Supercar takes the cake when it comes to looking good while going fast! This supercar comes with the latest, most exhilarating features for a surefire good time. With its powerful Titan® 12T 550 motor and XL-5® Electronic Speed Control, you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood while zooming down the block. The Traxxas Ford GT supercar is the most authentic of RC street cars. The 1/10 scale replica is incredibly faithful to the real thing. Down to the design, rims, and wheels, you will feel the power of the Ford GT in your hands. With its affordable price of $289.95, it rides on the new 4-Tec 2.0 Chassis, complete with pressure bladders for air/oil separation, spring clips to precisely change the ride height, spring pre-load, and redesigned shock caps featuring hollow balls for better articulation and durability.


Traxxas Ford Mustang GT – An American Icon

The Ford Mustang GT remains an icon in the ever growing world of cars. And the Traxxas Ford Mustang GT is a perfect, beautiful rendering of that icon. With its innovative 4-Tec 2.0 Chassis, equipped with a Titan® 12T 550 motor, the Traxxas Ford Mustang GT was not engineered to slow down. No aspect was overlooked in the 1/10 scale replica of the Ford Mustang’s muscular style. From the speed to the wheels, the Traxxas Ford Mustang GT is one of the most incredibly dynamic RC street cars on the market. With a price of $259.95, it is quite affordable considering its lengthy list of features and superb quality. Along with a powerful motor, this monster also comes with a fully assembled waterproof body, and XL-5® Electronic Speed Control. Make sure to let it rip!


Traxxas XO-1 Super Car – 100+ MPH Insanity

The Traxxas XO-1 RC Supercar was built with one key thing in mind… GO AS FAST AS POSSIBLE! With a brushless motor and Traxxas Stability Management, it is the smoothest ride you could ever ask for. Supercars are made to look incredible, they all have sleek designs that make them stand out to anyone walking by. The Traxxas XO-1 RC Supercar is the quintessential RC street car capturing that magic. The design allows you to experience all the extreme power, speed and acceleration a real supercar would pack. The Traxxas XO-1 RC Supercar brings a plethora of features, without leaving anything behind, and is priced at $749.95. This vehicle was absolutely expertly engineered to handle speeds of 100+ MPH. The Traxxas XO-1 is not a toy and is to be operated by experts only.


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Have Fun!

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