Traxxas Pink Edition – Think PINK!

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Think PINK – Traxxas Pink Edition The Traxxas Pink Edition is one of the most highly requested color styles from Traxxas. Ripit RC further explored and has reviewed a couple of the Traxxas RC Vehicles available in the Pink Edition. Here’s … Continued

Short Course Truck Action!

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Short Course RC Trucks – What’s All The Craze? One of the fastest growing racing segments in the RC world belongs to Short Course RC Trucks. These RC vehicles can bash like the best of them, with extensive bumper protection … Continued

Brushed Vs Brushless

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Brushed Vs Brushless Motors The motor in your RC vehicle is the powerhouse, the lifeline, the heartbeat. As you’ve been browsing for your very own RC Vehicle, you’ve probably noticed the words “Brushed” and “Brushless.” Wondering what’s the difference? Does … Continued

Traxxas Ford GT

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Traxxas Ford GT Review Traxxas Ford GT Review : Love At First Sight Seems like we have been waiting forever for this vehicle, well it’s here, and we’ve got a 4 Tec 2.0 Traxxas Ford GT review for you! “Love … Continued

Traxxas XMaxx 8S Review

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Traxxas XMaxx 8S Review    Traxxas XMaxx 8S Review: The XMaxx 8S… Just how awesome is it?   When we heard that Traxxas was going to release an 8S version of the XMaxx we didn’t know what to expect. The … Continued