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Traxxas Funny Car






The Traxxas Ford Mustang NHRA Funny Car Race Replica brings it all to life the Traxxas way with outrageous horsepower, intense speed, and the unmatched realism and authenticity that only comes from being both fans and dedicated participants in NHRA drag racing. The Traxxas NHRA Funny Car accurately captures the total racing experience with realistic staging action on the start line. After your burnout, shake up your opponent by being the last one to roll into the stage beam. When the lights go green, release the Launch Control for a perfect reaction time. You’ve already set your wheelie bar and used the multi-function knob on your transmitter to fine-tune the launch for maximum traction and acceleration. From there, it’s up to you to keep it full throttle down the track and across the finish line.

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Traxxas Funny Car RC Drag Car

Traxxas Funny Car – Outrageous Horsepower, Intense Speed, and Unmatched Realism

Cubic-inch for cubic-inch, no motorsport offers as much sheer power and performance as NHRA drag racing. A single funny car produces more horsepower than the first 8 rows of cars in a stock-car race. Drivers pull more than five Gs when they launch, accelerating faster than a fighter jet. Over 300mph is achieved in about the time it takes to read this sentence.

Realistic “Tube” Chassis

The steel, welded-tube construction of the full-size John Force Racing Funny Cars is replicated by the NHRA Traxxas Funny Car gleaming black-chrome chassis. Details including the front-mounted fuel tank (non-functional, of course) and driver’s roll cage give the Funny Car authentic looks to match its realistic performance. The wheelie bar is a functional tuning aid that helps the Funny Car transfer weight to the rear wheels for a perfect launch.

Off the track, the realism continues with tilt-up licensed bodies developed from the full size CAD drawings, tube style chassis, super-sticky belted slicks, and accurate detailing. The front latch eliminates body clips for fast access to the battery compartment. The full suspension system is engineered to give the NHRA Traxxas Funny Car the ability to handle the ruts and bumps of real world track surfaces. Combined with the Traxxas DTS-1 Drag Timing System (sold separately) and the Traxxas Link application and Traxxas drag racing becomes a full-on simulation with timing so accurate, races are won and lost by a millisecond. Only Traxxas could bring this level of intense racing competition and all-out fun together in such a tightly engineered package.

Over-The-Top Brushless Horsepower

NHRA Funny Cars are famous for their fire-breathing 8000 horsepower engines that deliver massive thrust and propel them to speeds over 300mph in just 4-seconds. When the light goes green, the ET-3s brushless power system responds in an instant and unloads a massive blast of Extreme Power™ that rockets the Traxxas Ford Mustang NHRA Funny Car to the finish line. There are no brushes to wear out so you can dial in consistent times and blazing speed, pass after pass. Traxxas’ exclusive Staging Mode (patent pending) allows the Traxxas NHRA Funny Car to creep into the stage beams of the DTS-1 timing system (sold separately) allowing you to execute authentic starting line strategy against your opponent.

INCLUDES: RTR NHRA Traxxas Funny Car Race Replica, Brushless Motor, 2.4GHz TQi Radio, ESC, Painted Body, and Instruction Manual


  • AA Batteries: Four for transmitter
  • Battery: 6-cell 7.2V NiMH stick pack with Traxxas connector OR 2S LiPo at least 3300mAh with Traxxas connector
  • Battery Charger: Compatible with selected battery
  • Track equipment


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Traxxas Ford Mustang NHRA Courtney Force Edition Funny Car Race Replica graphics

  • The Traxxas Funny Car reaches speeds in excess of 70mph!*
  • Powered by the Traxxas ET-3s Electronic Speed Control with custom programming exclusively for authentic drag racing
  • Traxxas ET-2400 brushless motor (2400 Kv)
  • Scale Funny Car “tube-style” tub chassis
    • Modular simplicity, fiber-composite chassis
  • Quick-release front body hold down and replica tilt-up body
  • Functional, adjustable wheelie bar
  • Inboard front suspension system
  • Adjustable 3-link rear suspension with sway bar
  • Quick-release battery hold down
  • Direct-drive transmission
  • Oil-filled sealed differential
  • Oversized 6mm rear axles
  • Threaded-body, oil-filled GTR shocks permit fast, precise preload adjustments and deliver smooth, consistent damping
  • Single point steering with integrated servo saver
  • Specially engineered belted slick rear tires (2″ wide rear)
  • Contoured, molded rear tire inserts
  • Front Funny Car Race Replica tires
  • Mirror-chrome 5-spoke Race Replica wheels




Traxxas Stability Management (TSM): Superior tuning algorithms run on high-speed electronic components to control wheel spin and steering direction on loose dirt, concrete and even ice and snow. TSM can be fine tuned or turned off by adjusting the multi-function knob on the TQi transmitter or the slider in the Traxxas Link app

Chassis: Tubular tub style, black chrome in color, plastic construction

Motor: ET-2400 brushless

Radio: Traxxas TQi 4-ch 2.4GHz with Burnout, Staging and Racing Modes, launch control switch and adjustable torque control, built-In fail safe, system is compatible with the iPhone or iPod touch and real-time telemetry with the TQi Docking Base, not included.

Electronic Speed Control: ET-3s with custom programming exclusively for drag racing

Differential: Sealed, Revo spec

Ball Bearings: Full set, rubber sealed

Transmission: High efficiency direct drive

Rear Suspension: Adjustable 3-link with sway bar and adjustable wheelie bar

Shocks: Oil-filled GTR, inboard front shock configuration

Body: Replica tilt-up body with quick release front body hold down

Bumper: Front foam

Wheels: Chrome plated plastic with authentic Funny Car styling diameter, 1.96″ (50mm) front, 3.3″ (84mm) rear

Tires: Low profile, officially licensed Goodyear Eagle high-speed slicks





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